Our team delivers safe and reliable services to our clients, protecting their environments.


We are client-focused and service-driven professionals‎ providing technical expertise on drinking water and wastewater treatment system inspections, maintenance and operation services since 2005. We are dedicated to managing, protecting and restoring local water resources for our communities.

We are technicians, operators, project managers, technical experts and environmentalists.


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Technicians &

Administration & Operations

Associates & Staff

Rick Esselment
President & CEO

Bob Esselment
Vice President

Jim Lowe
Service Coordinator

Jason Berry
Inspection Services Manager

Deanna Simpson
Account Management

Kara Yokom
Corporate Services

Terry Esselment
Corporate Services

Janice Petrie
Corporate Services

Jasmine Marshall
Account Services

Andrew Maguire
Account Services

Brian Zingula
Inspector & Analyst

Ray Foster
Technical Sales

Mike Esselment
Senior Technician

Julia DiPietro
Water Technician

Eliz Hines
Account Services

Paul Springett
Field Technician

Silas Smith
 Field Technician

Tyler Hewitson
Field Technician

Jordan Rowe
Field Technician

Bailey Filiatrault
Field Technician

Now Recruiting

Field Technician

ESSE Canada is looking for an In-field Wastewater Technician. This role is an essential part of our fast-paced team and requires a steady mind and fast capable hands. This role has three primary sets of responsibilities: 


  • In-Field Maintenance, Repair and Reporting
  • In-Field Service Calls and Client Support
  • Client Service and Education

Project Manager

We are looking for a highly skilled, responsive and adaptive project management professional to join our team. A background in either environmental public health, environmental sciences or environmental engineering is preferred.


  • Project and reporting management, often time sensitive in nature
  • Client, Colleague and Team Support
  • Special Projects Coordination


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