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  The Experts in  
  Septic System Maintenance  

Ontario's best septic system maintenance, sampling & inspection service since 2005

About Our Maintenance Services

ESSE Canada is a home-grown, family operated small business serving the province of Ontario. Our small but talented and experienced team conducts septic system maintenance, inspections, sampling and repairs.  We have more experience in-house than anyone else in the province.

Our young and dedicate team believes in protecting our local and rural environments, communities and water resources. We are proud to be of service to those who understand the value in a job well done, and the importance of investment  into our properties and  shared resources.


We are industry-leading experts in delivering comprehensive inspections and assessments of a property's septic system and related components.

We specialize in maintenance services for  all septic system types, including standard and advanced treatment technologies.

Our portfolio of customizable services includes repairs of septic system parts, components, panels, alarms, risers and all other
system accessories.

Maintenance Gallery

We like to share what some of our happy clients have to say about working with us.

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